Female Gym Teacher Out Of Mind

I`m a 27 year old gym teacher and it`s hard to keep working so close to these young students.
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I think in order to properly respond, a few details need to be added. I would love to help. I understand your problem. Although I am not quite in your situation, I work with a lot of really attractive women, and it can be hard. I go to work, come home and spend my time thinking about a relationship I can never have. My advice is to look around, anywhere (bar, groups, internet, through friends) to try to find someone you don't work with to feel for.... it can be hard, I know getting yourself off is nothing like being with someone, but I guess just keep trying to find a sexy woman outside of work? I'm really not sure, but thats what I'm trying to do.

Is it wrong that I completely understand that statement ? Sheesh, sorry but I would be like a vulture circling prey. Stay strong family.