Help :(

Ugh life sucks. I am in the closet but I want a girlfriend I don't know how the hell I am going to get through high school in the closet. I don't know if I should come out or not I just want people to know who I am. I am gay end of story but it is hard being gay cuz society is really hard. I will propably have to wait till collage but that is a long time to wait. Thanks for reading.
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I know your pain :( I really want to come out because having a girlfriend would be awesome. I see straight couples in the hall every day and I get so jealous of them. I wish people were more accepting of the lgbtq community because it ca be really hard on us :( So just know you are not alone!

Thank you! So happy there are others. Thanks for the comment!

Listen hun you need to be honest with everyone around you and if theydont appreciate the real you then they are not the people u need in your life you can do anything you are special cause we are different and if you believe that you can achieve anything k

Thank you! You are sooo sweet and kind for commenting such a nice comment! I am weighing all my opinions.

Just remember to keep your head up and always believe that you can achieve

Thank you :)

Life is hard I agree. You have to do what you believe what is best for you. Sometimes when people come out of the closet some people are shocked. But nowadays people are not shocked about people saying that they are gay anymore. Think about it: Being gay use to be a big deal but now there are more gay people than there are straight people.

Thanks you so much for the nice comment. It helped a lot. But your right times have changed for the better society is more accepting and not that many people care as much thanks again for the support!

Your welcome

You to are awesome don't forget that ! Ever !

Thank you your awesome too!

I know what your feeling. I didn't come out for years. It's hard in high school to be anything different than the norm. Just always be yourself and don't lie. At the same time be careful you can share with trusted friends and always be honest with your family. The people who love you will always accept you. God Bless you ! K

Thank you so much for the support! But thanks for reading and the nice comment! I will be myself. Even though I don't know you; I can tell you're an awesome person! Thanks again.