Why Do People Hate On Lesbians?

Every time I hear comments that are negative about lesbians I feel like my heart is being ripped to shreds. With each comment it makes my eyes water up. Those comments hurt my feelings a whole lot.
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people really shouldn't be so hateful, and judge mental to all of us. we are all different. not all lesbians are mean, rude and so on. The reason some probably are is because of the way they have been treated. as for me and my amazing girlfriend we could care less we are happy

What's even sadder, is that for me, I notice these comments are also made between lesbians. Lesbians seem to hate on each other more then they are hated on by the straight community where I am from (Sydney, Australia).

tell me about it. I am Muslim, but sometimes I get way more hate from other muslims than from christians. and a lot of time, Christian or even atheistic or pagan men give me way more respect than my brothers in Islam. I soooo hear you on that one.

You are so very welcome...

What are people saying to you that hurts your feelings?

People say that I shouldn't be into women and that isn't natural and plus people judge me because I am attracted to women.

You probably mean christians, right?

I am not sure I don't ask. I just leave and have a good cry. Why do you ask?

Oh, usually it's run in's with christians...and sometimes those run in's can do more damage than good. Just curious....is it what they are saying, or HOW they are saying it? Maybe we can talk privatley one to one?

What are you asking?

Well, when people say the things they say to you, what do they back up their assertions with? If they say it's unnatural, why do theysay it's unnatural? Or do they just say it's unnatural and move on? Do they ever explain themselves? Sounds like maybe you have been involved in a lot of hit and runs with people NOt judging you, but rathe condemning you, woiuld that be correct?

I think it is because they are not in my shoes because just because they have never had a crush on someone from the same sex like I have always. I can't remember when I didn't have an attraction to women. It just feels natural that's all...

Can I message you tomorrow and pick this up with you? I do know what it's like to have attractions from earliest childhood myself and would love to talk more about all this with you my friend....

negative haters so sad they excist,it is a natural feeling jst like a guy an girl,

aw sorri thats supposed to be negative,my bad hahaha

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