My Journey To The True Me..

Well when i first came out i was 15 and the first person i had told was my mom and that was only because she was a lesbian. Little by little my family started to find out and it was decided that i was just curious and i would stop immediately so i left girls alone and did the normal teenage thing of being boy crazy. I grew up got married and then divorced. When i was 22 i met a woman and fell madly in love (so i thought). It didn't last long because she was constantly trying to push me to be public about my sexuality and i wasnt ready for all the trouble with my family to start again. So of course i went back to men and was miserable. I was never happy and didn't feel like i could connect with a man on an emotional level. I am now 26 and am finally comfortable with both myself and my sexuality. All it took was the right woman that had enough understanding and patience to show me that there is such a thing as true happiness. I no longer have contact with the family that made me feel horrible about myself but i have realized that if they truly loved me and wanted the best for me they wouldn't have made me feel ashamed for my decisions.
jenna01 jenna01
26-30, F
Nov 20, 2012