My Girlfriend....

My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 20 months and everything has been absolutely great. However, one thing that has become a SLIGHT issue is the consistent changing of plans on her part. I am someone that finds this incredibly annoying and a letdown, while she is someone that feels like canceling our plans is better than being together when she doesnt feel like it and creating conflict. Both make sense, but are somewhat opposite. Last night, she told me she wanted to hang out tonight, but then this afternoon I call and she says she doesnt feel like coming. I tell her it's alright, but obviously my tone of voice was not happy. She starts saying that I'm making her feel bad, and that she thinks i'm being unreasonable and not understanding. Well, long story short, we go back and forth for awhile about why we thought we were right, and after about an hour, she says that she sees my point and we should keep our plans.

Cut to a couple of hours later, I get another cancellation explaining that she is feeling very sensitive tonight and just really feels like she wants to be alone. I tell her that I am fine with that, and that I trust her to make the right decisions for herself. In her sensitive mood, she said the whole thing just pissed her off, especially when I brought up a similar situation I had with an ex where I learned the importance of giving people space (we have both talked extensively about our past relationship, understanding the importance of the lessons learned), and that she didnt want to talk to me for the rest of the night. She said it was mainly just a "mood," and that it in no way meant that she didnt wish she could be with me tonight.

I understand that most women are slave to their emotions and hormones, but it is very hard for me to not feel like it's an issue. Do any of you have similar experiences or advice to offer?
I also forgot to add that this happens every week about 51 times out of the year. In fact she slept on some guys couch just 2 months ago....
Karabears Karabears
31-35, F
Nov 27, 2012