Finding Love When Love Was Lost

Ive been through ups and downs my whole life because i was confussed. I finally became real with myself and my family and i came out to them. I never expected them to react with excitment but i had prepared myself for the worst. I was disowned i was alone. My brother tried to beat me up, my mother called me out my name repeatedly and my aunt & uncle well they no longer speak to me. Aside of everything else i was going through i was depressed. Ive had a friend who i associated myself with for 4 years, i would talk to her every now and then about my life and the constant curve balls it throws at me. We had gotten closer than we were. Everything that i have been through, everything that i am going through she has been there. I wouldve never thought my friend would become the love of my life
saddenlibra saddenlibra
Nov 30, 2012