My Sweet Dream With Karin

Dear Karin,
That night i slept with that sexy pic of yours in my mind.The expression in your eyes and your smile invites me to hug you tightly from back side as u standup. Hmmmm aaaah its really nice to feel your soft and fleshy body with every inch of me in contact with you.
How do u feel when my nipples and breasts press your back? You raise hands and I kiss your armpits hmmmI love their wonderful smell aaaah uuuuh! I start with my fingers lightly brushing your blonde hair. I massage temples of your face with tips of my of my index and middle fingers.
The palms of my hands reach for your puffy cheeks lightly brushing them hmmm i love it. You hold my wrists and guide my hands to your round and soft breasts.
It gives me an immense pleasure to fondle ur breasts and press ur erect nipples. My hands gradually progress down to caress your belly and innie naval hmmm i love doing this and watch you moan with pleasure appreciating me for my actions.
At the same time you are thrusting your buttocks and *** against my waist and hairy ***** mound.Your hands reach back to fondle my soft round buttocks and tracing the contours of my ***. Ummmmm aaaaah aaaaaah its sooo... nice Karin don't stop! Its making me wet below.
My hands move down massaging your soft curvy and fleshy thighs. you then spread your legs my hands now reach ur love triangle to massage ur **** and finger it simultaneously.You moan and scream with pleasure taking my name finally u squirt and *** on myfingers .
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22-25, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Hello dear,
i am from India i am Bi and looking for a decent lesbian to marry with. i promise and assure best from my side in every thing. You can dominate me anytime. i will always obey you.
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thanx for the comment , i have gone thr0ugh its contents , i am already engaged with a British girl , Any ways we can be friends and share our fantasies