Well this isn't a story one to beg for a girlfriend. Its just I have been hurt several times. I have had several broken hearts. I had a gf for like a month or two and she ended it because my friend when she talked to her and made up a lie and has hurt me. I want someone to treat me right and love me for me.
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I wouldn't hurt you and would treat you right


Your welcome !

i would love you and i would treat you with respect

Thanks! Message me and I will talk to you more on thee but right now I am going to try and get some sleep haven't slept well lately. Can start talking again as soon as 6:30. Just message me and I will reply.

i can't your not 19 but i will talk to you on here

I noticed I tried getting on your profile but it won't let me.

hey would you date me if i used to be something

What do you mean by that?

i used to do something at night

Like what??

i used to wet my pjs

That's fine my last girlfriend used to and my best friend did till she was 17. I will talk to you again at 6:30.



did you miss me today


i did too hey what did you think about me wetting my pjs

I didn't really mind. Everyone has things wrong with them. Or things in the past they won't to changem

do you trust me

Yeah why??

because i wasn't gonna be dry this weekend i was gonna wet my pjs

Do you do it on accident or on purpose

purpose trust me its ok to do it on purpose

Ok I just haven't herd of someone wetting themselves on purpose.

trust me its ok to do it


ok what


will you try it if i do it

No my mother would kill me I am only 15 and my mom does my laundry.

oh do you love me

Yeah why

how much do you love me


me too will you be my girlfriend

I would like to get to know you better first before I say yes and also I just had my heart broken I'm not sure if I'm rest for another relashinship.

well i am in a program where i go to work i work double shifts i am 20 years old i love sports and i love girls

Oh I thought you were 19 but your 20/ I am 15 freshman in high school in our sadd club, ecology club,interact club, and science club. I'm in band and love it! And I do not like many sports

nice i love you

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