New Feelings Towards Others

Ihave never been with a man and think it would impossible due to my short size, but i also havent been with a woman. just recently i started to get feelings towards my friend/coworker rachel who has me over from time to time. shes always cuddling with me and patting my butt and giving me back rubs. i like how she treats me but i think she has a boy friend, and that really bums me out cause i think i love her
ashleycambell88 ashleycambell88
18-21, F
4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You could ask a doctor before assuming that.

Well first off I'm a lesbian and you are a pigs. Second, from my own self expleration I have a shallow cervix. I know its shallow cause I can feel it when I **********. I've never had sex with a man but I do know if I did it wouldn't be fun for me cause it would hurt to much. So on that note, in your face nancy grace

Well, I wasn't trying to **** you off. You just said that you thought it was impossible to be with a man because of your size. I was just recommending that you talk with a doctor to know for sure. You didn't mention the shallow cervix.

And as far as being a lesbian, that's cool. I love women too. :)

Why do you think it's impossible to be with a man?

to be honest going out with someone short is not a problem with me , i think its the person inside that counts not their height

Well spend more time with her. She might be afraid to do more because you are a virgin. I know the 4'7" would not be a problem for a man. Short some other places maybe!