How Sneaky Melonie Made Me ***.

I was at home with my friend Rose and her daughter Melonie, I had invited her over for the weekend for some fun and she had asked me if she could also bring her daughter Melonie with her. I said "yes that will be fine." I had never seen her daughter but Rose had told me she was starting college, and was hoping to get on the tennis team. When they arrived we exchanged hugs and quick kisses, Rose began to tell me about their trip and all her future plans, how her car was playing up, college expenses and all sort of things that had been going on since the last time we met.

Melonie looked out the window and saw the swimming pool, she turned around and asked if she could go for a swim. I said "sure honey, lets all go out there, its really hot outside, the water will be great." We changed into our bikinis and walked out side. I went out last behind Melonie and couldn't help but notice her tight hard *** swaying slightly from side to side. As she walked the bikini began to ride up between her *** cheeks spreading them slightly and showing off their round muscular form. She had long blonde hair and her long slender body showed off her well defined muscles, which were tight and hard without being big and bulky.

I was the first to get out the pool and went straight to one of the sun beds and lay down facing upwards. I watched Rose and Melonie talking softly to each other looking at me and smiling. A few minutes later Rose and Melonie got out of the pool and came over, Melonie stood next to me looking down, I looked up towards her my eyes went straight to the top of her legs, I stared at her tight bikini digging in tight between her thick ***** lips, the thin material clinging tight over her large clitoral area, the large lump clearly standing out. She looked down, I caught her eyes, she said smiling "I bet a lot of ladies like to come here" I got the double meaning, I let my eyes move down, staring again at her hard love bud licking my lips, I said " yes they do". I looked over at Rose, she was laying face down her head turned away from me, she had a Sony walk man on and was listening to some music. When I looked back Melonie was kneeling at my waist staring at my *****, smiling. She caught my eyes and reached into her bag and retrieved a three finger vibrator, it was black and looked just like a glove, she smiled and looked at Rose then put a finger up to her mouth going shush.

I stared at the three finger vibe and back to Melonie,s face, she was bold, and I was being seduced by this younger woman, I could feel my wetness already spreading. I watched in total silence as Melonie pulled the three fingers of the vibrator over her thumb and first and second fingers. I looked at her face, she had a wide grin on her pretty face. I felt myself breathing heavy, almost in a trance staring at her hand, Melonie looked at me and whispered "this will only take a minute," I knew what this meant and went right along with her, I pushed my head back holding on to the sides of the sun bed, I let one of my legs slide out wards and pulled the other right back. I whispered "oh my god" as I waited. I heard Melonie whisper my name, I looked up and saw her fingers and thumb only inches away from my ****, the low buzzing sound letting me know it was turned on. She whispered in my ear "I,m going to make you *** so ******* hard."

I watched her fingers and thumb move down the last few inches and surround my ****, I groaned "oh ****, oh ****, oh my god" as she began squeezing and kneading the large lump, her fingers moved quickly up and down squeezing and kneading in a rolling motion. I fell back onto the sun bed writhing and crying out as the vibrating sensations sent me soaring upwards, my hips pushed upwards reaching higher before falling back to the sun bed and thrusting wildly up and down as I came in a massive ******. I let my arms fall to the side of the sun bed as my grip on it weakened kicking my legs out wider letting them hang over the side as my hips bucked up and down, I pushed my head back wards crying out as I writhed out of control.

After what seemed a long time I came down and opened my eyes. Rose and Melonie were looking down at me giggling and smiling. Rose said "wow Cindy, Melonie made you came so ******* hard, she sure knows how to get the best out of a woman." I groaned, "oh my god, ****" I was exhausted.

Melonie reached down and grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the bedroom, "your mine now" she said. When she tied my hands to the top of the bed I knew I was lost, she grabbed the pillow and told me "we will start with this" I could only cry out "no, please noooooo."  Then I saw Rose standing at the door, she was dressed in only a thong wearing a big strap-on, she had a g spot vibrator and whip in one hand and in the other she was holding a clear plastic bag. I cried "oh my god, Rose no no please don't."  I started struggling in a wild frenzy trying to get my hands free, they were held so securely it was impossible, I hadn't expected this. I was thinking "oh my god, they got me now."  Rose called out "are you ready Cindy, its suffocation time." Melonie sat right at my waist grinning. I felt the g spot vibrator being pushed into my soaking ***** and turned on, it began buzzing and sending waves of sensations through me, I groaned and pushed my head right back, that,s when Melonie grabbed the pillow and pushed it down hard over my face. I could only think over and over "****, ****, ******* hell" as the g spot vibe started working and I tried to force my self to breathe through the pillow. They had me at their mercy and were taking every advantage of it. I strained harder and harder to breathe through the pillow as I fought desperately to escape the vibrator. My chest was aching like crazy.  I arched furiously upwards pulling one of my legs right back trying desperately to hook it around Melonie, I felt her pushing my leg away, I was so close, I fell back to the bed my leg kicking out over the side. I couldn't hold back the sensations from the g spot vibe any longer and went instantly into a massive wild ******. I forgot about my suffocation, forgot about my aching chest my hips were gyrating and thrusting on their own. Rose was shouting to Melonie "hold the pillow down harder" I realized for a fleeting moment that my head was thrashing from side to side trying to escape from the suffocating pillow. I pushed my head as far back as I could, my hips bucking up and down. I knew I was finished, spiraling downwards faster and faster, spinning into a black abyss. When I came round Melonie and Rose were sitting on the bed next to me grinning. I looked at them in complete shock as Melonie held up the clear plastic bag in front of me. Melonie looked at me and said in a soft voice "suffocation time again.

Rose and Melonie left later the next day with plans to come back soon. I am looking forward to getting my own back. Cindy.

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Excellent Story!

have u got any lesbian ****** experience?!!

This has to be one of the hottest experiences I have ever read on this site!!!!!!!!!!!I am so hard right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great story, have they *** back yet?


Oh that sounds like so much fun. Now that's how someone can win against you, even I can do that.