Jelousy Kills

Im a girl, who has been in a relationship with another girl for a year now. and our relationship is getting deeper and deeper, to the point that we've been physically hurting each her, but what the hell, despite of all that i still love her, i stiil need her, i still want her, but that most sad part is, i think she does not feel the same way anymore:(.. i want her to want me , as much as i do.. but the most painful part is, she has another one that she likes, she's giving that girl all the attention i need. that's why im jealous, but the main reason why i get so jealous is that i have a feeling that the girl she likes, likes her back:( .. that is why we fight all the time , to the point that we physically hit on each other.. but still, even with all the bruises all the scratch marks that i have from the fight .. i still love her... WHAT AM I GONNA DO? i want to forget about her, but half of my hearts tells me otherwise.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Oh wow, I can't even imagine ever being in your situation, but it sounds like a toxic relationship that you two don't mind being in cause if that was me I wouldn't even let it begin. I wouldn't allow myself to even begin a relationship with physical abuse no matter how much love or issues we have, let alone her being interested in someone else more than me. I would advice both of you to evaluate the relationship and figure out if this is the relationship you should be in or if you two feel the same for each other to attend couple's therapy to figure out why you two are physical instead of talking to each other. I would also advice for you to see a therapist alone.