Sex Fantasy: Queen Of Paradise Island

A long time Ago; Earth was rich with many cultures and people. Then something catastrophic happened; most people died. A few survived by escaping to a secret Cave.

The Cave was like another world; filled with beautiful forests and meadows and lush delicious food bearing trees and bushes.

The Food and the Atmosphere of the Cave transformed the boys into girls. A few became Androgynous known as LadYs; from the LadYs came the Queen.

All inhabitants were healthy and lived for hundred of years; appearing to be in their 20’s.

Most children born were girls as well. A LadY boping another LadY often resulted in the birth of another LadY. LadY children had many nannies; a LadY first lover was her mother or nanny. It was an insult to say a LadY drinks water.

Adulthood began between ten and fourteen years; as well as, juicy breasts. Sampling of each other’s breast was a social and bonding moment. Excess milk went to the “Two Girls Dairy” which produces a variety of creams and beauty products.

The community is divided into tree lined neighbor of 150; homes are built in a magical way. There recreational places for play and bathing.

There are festivals once a week; One of the Festivals involves a white dress and a mud pond.

Women have a premonition of death; and may request a young LadY or Queen or girlfriends to be with her on the last days. Seven of saying goodby and sex, The body is laid to rest in the flower bed and seeds are place on and in the body. The roots of the flowers grow into the body and produce a variety of plants that are used in Magical ritual.

The most popular plant resembles a male member; which by magical means becomes a living strap-on. The wild plants are for recreational only. Those that are cultivated in the flower garden; becomes the second way girls become with child. The plant; used as strap-on; last a week to a month and is edible.

A common food is a berry with a hard shell; soaked in milk and spices. It is inserted into the body to marinate; then, it is suck or licked out.

Rings: pink ring for sex; purple for bearing a child; one gold, for soul-mate; two silver, secondary wives.

Motto: Act out of Love, be patience, respect the Sovereignty of all living creatures.

The Old Queen retired after many years to a small garden cottage with her two wives; waiting for a grand daughter to find her.

The new Queen; when seven; dreamed of finding her Great-Great Grand-Mother. It was love at first sight.

On the tenth birthday of the new Queen; The old Queen gave the new Queen her “Queen-ness”

The old queen laid in anticipation of long goodby kiss.

The Old Queen and her favorite wife died and were buried in the flower bed.

The new Queen; with the old queen’s wife as a mentor; began to assert her Presence.

Occasionally people will disappear from the cave; and find themselves in the real world. Your grand-ma may have come from the Cave.
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you could use this a s a basis to write a book