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I must be the most confused women ever, after 17 yrs of marriage, and th e feeling all I have in my life is that I am a mum and not a wanting, needing, human being, I pull away and decide to separate. I struggle with being alone, and find a boyfriend, but deep, deep down, women have always been attractive. I am at a stage in my life 41, when time is limited, I met an amazing women, sadly I was still with boyfriend. Despite both knowing the situation we crossed boundaries leaving us both in a difficult situation. I want to break totally free but she is now cautious and just wants to be friends. I feel like a love sick teenager and frightened for my future
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4 Responses Dec 15, 2012

hold on in there

it will work out

Just have fun & find yourself.

You need to date and experiment guilt free. Find out who you are, don't get in any deep relationships until you figure that out though. Explore your lesbianism, if you suppress it you will always regret it. Also, at 41 you have many, many years of life yet, believe me I'm 50 yo and feel like I'm 25! Get out, meet some interesting people and enjoy life! Being a mom is an incredibly demanding and rewarding job, but it isn't the only thing that should define you! Good luck.

I guess I might be looking for some sort of support, am totally confused by what I am feeling