Hate Her Right Now

She is a friend of a friend. I met her. I liked her. She seemed gay. We made out. She is gay. And closeted. We are weirdly similar. Things were going good. Things were going smooth. She liked me back. I'm going abroad for a year. And my plan was simple. No, it's not a good idea to start a relationship, but hell I like this girl and I wanna take advantage of the time that I have left. Well she doesn't think the same way. She says that she feels good around me but that she's not over her ex completely, so she thinks we should stop while we're still on the begining, cuz I would end up 'more hurt' then her. She's "worried" about me. Yes, I do care but **** you for trying to tell me how much hurt I will be by you. It's not the first time I'm hurt, it won't be the last and I don't need anyone taking care of my emotional state. I guess it's for the best, but I really hate her right now.
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well, I guess in her way she loves you, and is trying to protect you. I met a very wonderful girl when i was in a bad break up, i was in my "******* around stage" It wasnt a good time for me to meet a good woman, but i did and i ended up on breaking her heart because i was not looking for it. I just wanted to **** around n forget about my ex. i ended up moving back to the mainland (was in hawaii) and i distanced myself, didnt take her calls, we fought and i found another girlfriend :/. Usually im not like that, but she might be trying to save your friendship too if she is going through anything similar. IF she is hung up on her ex , you should thank her because it might save you heartache, maybe you guys can get closer and try to revisit when you can, or keep it casual til she is ready. I know how what she told you feels and it doesnt feel great, shes not letting you make your own choice but she might be trying to do it out of love and not to hurt you.

Yeah I guess you're right. If we continued, me thinking about her while she thinks about her ex would have hurt me way more. I just have to deal with some anger and sadness right now and move on. This just wasn't the right time for us, but once I'm over her I don't think I'm ever revisiting this. What's done is done.

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