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I came out in 2002 my sophomore year of high school. I joined HATCH a youth group in Houston and the GSA at my college. I have never had a girlfriend. They girls I like are classy, white women who are always straight. I have tried everything. I can't find anyone who is attracted to me and I am attracted to as well. I feel lonely. I go to local lesbian bars but it seems like my outside does not match my inside and I have difficulty getting to know people well enough for them to get past this. I am 6'3" and I wear my hear shaved close because once it grows out more than it 1/2" its an unmanageable curly mess. I began to hate so many things about my appearance because really, who goes 8 going on 9 years since coming out and can't get a single date? I feel very disheartened. I have given thought to having a Female to Male sex change since I am already 6'3" tall with an androynous body (small boobs no hips/thighs) and then I should not have any problem dating the type of girls I am interesting - typically straight girls. There were so many girls I liked in college and showered with expensive gifts and when I was ready to take things to the next level they just looked at me and said sorry I'm straight. Really?
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Sound advice from Eupraxia,straight girls will just lead you to heart ache and bars are not the way either.Good luck x

By the way, 6 ft. +? You sound stunning!

First, I wish you the best in finding dates. Have you tried meetup.com to explore places outside a bar setting? It's not a dating site. It's for finding people--friends. For instance, you might find a Lesbian hiking group or business entrepreneurs or people who like to discuss movies. Exploring your own interests might be a better place to start than bars. Straight girls are cute, but not much future there, eh? There are lots of lesbians who look straight--makeup, dresses, the whole bit. You just need to find the right venue to find them. Good luck.