Disco With My Friend:')

So I went to this birthday party which was a disco, and my crush went too:')
She asked me to dance so we like spazzed around and danced stupidly haha, and then we like, hugged and like we had our heads on each other's shoulders and we like just like swayed together haha,and then like when we lifted our heads we like, nearly kissed, haha, cause we were so close:') i wish we did though. and then we like stuck together for the whole of it, and when some songs came on we danced together again:) and then when this really nice song came on she like put her arms around my shoulder/neck and i put my hands on her waist and we just stood there like sort of dancing-ish and we chatted and it was so nice:') haha,:)
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Was this with your teacher?