Fellow Lesbians! I Need Your Help!

My girl and I just recently started having sex. And its amazing. She is amazing. However, I'm having a hard time.

Penetration is not an option for her. and sometimes, I forget. I get into it and she has to push me away. Then I feel horrible. I don't want to hurt her....

I need ways to spice things up every now and then. Make one night a little more special, passionate than the next.

22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

There are many many things you can do. Penetration and Oral are just small things. Ive been with girls who like to be penetrated with a tongue, have you tried one finger? I know this is gross but i did have an ex who liked anal play too, while getting eaten out. IT depends on your skill level, you have to try it out together. My gf likes to grind, humping is her thing, I hated penetration to but she got me to like it by introducing it more. If you know the kind of girl she is you can find things to add spice. for instance, I am VERY sexual, very kinky and my gf is moderate. we both love art...so i think hmm editable paint, coupled with candles a sexy bath maybe some food too, very fun night. Does she like to penetrate you? maybe you can have a role reversal, I have known women who love to penetrate other ppl, even ****** because of it. Depends on your lady really honey, Oral and Penetration are just two basic forms of lesbian ex ive discovered there's so much more you can do.

You should rub her **** on night and then the next night rub her juices onto her boobs then let her suck u and u suck her after that try to put just the tip of ur toung into the hole g

no penetration. of any sort. Its extremly painful for her