This unplanned going out night was going to be awesome. I went to a common bar. My friend who I used to go out with were busy. So I went with my gay best friend and his other lesbian friend and a few cousins and friends of us. This night was it, the first night having fun in a common bar without knowing if any unknown lesbians were there. We stood at a table near the door, chatting, laughing , dancing. After a few chats, we wanted to get some drinks. Hmmm, I'm actually not this beer type of girl, but I'm trying to drink beer, to learn myself drinking it. So beer it is! I tried to make eye contact with girls all the time. I had a few sips, and i saw an old man drunk dancing watching at me. Eww, gross he's drunk and trying to seduce gilrs with his moves? C'mon you are twice my dad's age.
Anyways we were dancing, and i was standing near the mini Christmas Tree. A girl wanted to grab her jacket. I made eye contact and she talked to me, but i didn't hear her. But she smiled though.
Later on I had to pee, so i had to go through the crowd. After standing in a line, and finally got to pee, i had to go back to through the crowd. Guess what? the same girl was there, she looked in a way that she was telling me something. I felt some attraction though.. Yes! i got eyef*cked. And.. i Always regret that i don't ask a Phone number or have a chat. I guess, she was with a guy and i got shy or something?
A lot of eye contact though..

So now i wonder, do you get a lot of eye contact with girls?
Have you been eyefked?
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1 Response Dec 24, 2012

Lmao! I've done this plenty. I'm subtle about it tho. It's a matter of expressing intent or letting someone know you're interested without being a weirdo