I Didnt Know What To Expect

My best friend J and another girl i know who is a year older from 8th grade came to spend the night during thanksgiving. J's mom and dad are friends of my mom and dad and they all went our together that night. So we were alone. We were just goffing around dancing and trying on clothes pretending we were like Selena Gomez and had bieberfever. Then J and her friend C started kissing and I was like OMG whatever. They LOL then they were like really pashing. I just kinda sat there and watched for a while and they started getting all up into eachothers body and rubbing each other down there. I said "OMG have you guys done this before?" J said that they had and asked if I wanted to do it too. Then we were all naked on my bed and we turned the lightoff and just started feeling each other all over and laughing and C was kissing Jay down there and jay started saying f ck f ck f ck until she came. I never had an ****** before so I was OMG what happened? Then J told C to do it to me and thats when I found out I was a lesbian. Now we do it whenever we can meet up afterschool or like this weekend when my parents were shopping. J is still my best friend cuz i like talking to her but C is my favorite lover and sometimes its just her and me and I said I love you to her yesterday but she said were just being crazy. I dont know how I feel except that everytime I think about her I get hot and want to rub myself.
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4 Responses Dec 25, 2012

Find somebody else to have that type of fun with there are some on this very website that are willing

that is so true!!

that's just libido.

just libido?

wow sounds like good fun and a sudden revelation!! xxx

If you really want to have some fun each of you girls have a guy to share too.