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Hey I'M A LESBIAN and i told everybody and my parents hate it they treat me like **** and i feel guilty that i am the way i am because they don't want me to be that way and i feel that they don't love me because i'm not the way they want me to be it's bullshit. i shouldn't feel guilty for who i am. It's my life not there's it's not fair. if they were like me they would feel the same way i feel they are miss treating me and the way i feel. sometimes i feel they don't even care if i have feeling or not the only people who understand me are my best friend and my other friends. i don't deserve this. I deserve to be happy too it's not just them that get to be happy. They treat me like i'm not even a lesbian i can't be the way i feel around them it's ******* wrong how they treat me it's bullshit they have no idea how i feel. i feel so un-loved and un-wanted they are making me feel this way all the other people i don't care what they think but they are my parents they are supposed to love me weather they like who i am or not right? well they make me feel like i'm not loved no matter what :(. Why do I deserve this? What did i do to deserve this I know i'm not perfect but **** who is? Sometimes I wish i had different parents it really ******* sucks that my own parents can't like and love me for ME. They suck ***. I wish they would just get over that i'm A LESBIAN and love me for ME. They need to get their head out their ***** and accept it. **** YOU MOM AND DAD. GROW UP.
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Hang in there, don't let them get to you, it will eat you up inside. I'm almost 40 and just came out a year or so ago and feel your pain.

hey man i understand when i told my mom she said that was probably the reason God took my dad. if you want to talk im here im 15 and im open to conversation.

thanks i just feel like no one understands but me and my best friend you know?