I'm gay, I've tried to tell people before but they didn't believe me so i believed them... Ive been in a relationship with a my male best friend for the last 2 years because it was either be with him or loose him. i love him but I'm gay end of story into girls and only girls! I don't know what to do.
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Be honest with him, explain to him that you let other people define who you are but you can't stop it. You're sttracted to females, not males. He needs to know before something drastic happens. If he's a true friend he will understand. Don't every let other people define who you are, I came out in 7th grade despite people telling me i wasn't gay, I am now a senior in high school and every accepts me for who i am, not what they wanted me to be.

take steps so that you can be at peace with yourself and who you really are.
I think there is a "coming out" thread on EP that may be useful information.

....True love is deeper than simply having boobs and a

If you cannot love him for his soul and only his anatomy,

Then the problem is with you,

And you should leave him ASAP before someone gets badly hurt!