Hello My Fellow Sexy Lady's, I Need To Ask You All A Very Important Question

What tampon brand do you use? I'm trying to figure out which brands the best cause one of my friends little sis is about the age of where she hits puberty and we wanted to prepare her so in your experience, which is the best
Lesbianmistressashley Lesbianmistressashley
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I use kotex! Its like the teenager ones.. I lovvveee that brand!!! That is the one she needs!

K thanks girl

Anytime girly


lol awkward years but i use Tampax Perl

Lol yep

im guessing shes 11 or 12

Yep she should hit it any day now

is she straight im guessing she is at her age

Yep the friends straight to

do u think she will stay straight

Probobly but I'm not gonna try to turn her or Ntn cause she has a kid

she has a kid

Wait we're you talking bout the girl bout to hit puberty or my friend?

ur sis

No it was my friends little sis and there both straight

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