I'm So Lonely, In Need Of Friendship

I am gay. I am a mother . I have one true friend. Other than that I have pretty much no one. It is really depressing, because I fear there is something wrong with me. All the people I meet are flaky and say they will hang out with me someday but never do. And even if they do, it's like once in a blue moon. Then nothing, they hardly contact me, I'm the one who has to contact them, and then they act like they're not interested in being my friend anymore. I will never understand it. I'm beginning to think there is something I'm doing wrong. I mean I'm sweet, a good friend, fun to be around, a great friend to talk to, I don't know what else to do, but I feel like no one cares about me, not really. My family hasn't completely disowned me for being gay, but they find it repulsive so they stay away. I don't know what to do. They rarely see me anymore, and when they do it's very awkward........
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I just read your story. This is a cruel world we live in. You aren't defined by your sexual preference and I'm sure you are a great person. Wish we lived closer so that we can meet. You aren't alone in this. Plenty of people are looking for great friendships. I wish you well:)

I feel your pain. I know someone with your circumstance. Her problem is that she is not proactive. She needs to have imagination and think up things to do. Join a local group that shares your interests such as a police auxiliary or Coast guard auxiliary or photo club. People generally won't be interested in you unless you are interested in them or do things with them. Read your local paper and find the groups that meet bi-weekly or monthly.
Being gay should not be a deterrent to find friends. Many gay people are more fun and more interesting than straight people.

Hey I can relate to your situation with the friends because I always feel as though I care about my friends more than they do me, but something I have discovered about myself lately is that I am always expecting them to try and keep the relationship going while I sit around waiting. I have learned that I need to stand up and say I want to spend more time with you because how can your friends know you feel a certain way unless you tell them. Friendship is a reciprocal relationship you have to give just as much to receive I have looked within myself and realized that alot of times I withhold in order to keep from getting hurt but that just makes the other person feel you are being insincere. You have to put yourself out there in order to gain long lasting friendships and relationships in general. You have to be willing to take a risk.

Hi I'm from Orlando fl and I'm looking for friends to I know I don't have lesbians friends o some one to talk u know some one the knows how we feel so I hope so we can be friends coxo

Hi. I am going through something similar. I am glad to know someone else is having a rough time. You are not alone :)

omg i'm right there with you! i have a daughter, my parents do not come around nor except me for who i am, i have only one true friend that understands me or puts up with me, i have a wife but our relationship is broken and does not mix well let alone her and my daughter, i feel lonely at times and very unhappy. I completely understand where you are! cuz i'm there too!

Wow we r some many we r not alone