Tired, Confused & Lonely But Can't Let Go

Hi..I'm from the UK and only came out just under two yrs ago..I'm a quiet gentle natured helpful person..I met a 27 year old uni student from Sri Lanka..the girl of my dreams..even tho our future was unsure I fell for her so badly..she was quiet and helpful.. And shy..I thought??!!
When she came out of her shell she has turned into a demanding..brattish.and bitchy girl..I never would have thought it possible of her..she shouts at me at the drop of a hat with several ounces of aggression in her voice.mshe constantly threatens to leave..when we argue its always my fault..to cap it off she cries over her ex..and I have to pick up the pieces..I have been in too marriages to guys and some awful abusive relationships with them..I thought when I came out that a woman would treat me better..I sometimes wonder what's the point in careing for someone when I just get used and abused!..I have had enough I am so tired now..I just want to live peacefully..go out a bit and have fun..and stay home cuddled up at other times..with someone who will give me the respect I deserve..I have told her I will find someone else if she doesn't change..but I know deep down she won't..wish there was a cute soft tomboyish girl to sweep me off my feet and take me away from this living hell! Wish I didn't love her..
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Keep your chin up, dont let her grind you down as its so hard to get back up again after... You will find a lot of support and friends out here... Always feel free to ask or chat if you feel down as its better than bottling it up inside XXX

She has more issues than you can handle. She also may not be able to even recognize or deal with them yet. Even though she is a lesbian, alot of women believe they're entitled to act any way they want and still ne treated with dignity and respect. You need to leave. I spent my first relationship--3 yrs--with someone like this. Never did it again. Expect better of her and yourself, don't internalize issues outside your control, and move on.

Move on I know is hart but u have to live ur self more I have the same ploblem I love her but I don't know if she live me she don't o e me to go but she don't do nothing to make me feel she whant this to work on sorry I hope u bess