So Complicated..

So i've been with my girlfriend for almost 9 months. She's younger than me and lately i just feel like she doesn't understand whats going on in my life with college and everything. I don't know what to do because i love her but I just can't be in this relationship anymore. I've always been the one to put myself out there and do sweet things for her and make her fall in love but I've never received any of that. I just feel like I'm falling out of love and I don't want to hurt her because of it. I think its better if we go our separate ways so I can experience college and she can finish high school with her friends but I'm going to miss her so much.. I don't know.
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

ive gone through the same with my girlfriend,I'm 16 she's 18 we were happy together but because she was that bit older she left me yesterday,after nearly 9months:(

I'm sorry. I'm 18 she's 17 but Shes a jr in hs. She's not like your average high schoolers though she either acts like she's 2 and whines and throws fits or like she's 30 and my mom. I get yelled at by my mom and her for the same things and it's just annoying that I don't have her support. I only see her once a week because of the rules her mom puts on her. It just doesn't feel like a relationship anymore...