I'm Coming Out Of The Closet!....sorta

So I've known for awhile that I've loved girls way more then guys but I never really had to courage to admit it until just recently. The amount of times I tried denying it to myself is innumerable but it's always been true. So officially I'd like to announce I'm semi-out of the closet! :D I say semi because if I were to do the same IRL i'm scared of the consquences.

My parents are very christian people and I'm not sure how they'd react to the news. I'm assuming the worst at the moment because they are not exactly the most accepting people. They've made fun of gays in the past in front of me so I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to tell them. I'm also scared of the people at school what will they think of me for it? I don't know how big of a deal it is to people or if my friends would accept me for it or be creeped out by it.

I wish I knew how to go about it but I just don't have a clue. Do I keep it my secret for my whole life? or do I come out and say it? I'm also very unsure about how to even start most relationships like that :/ I never once had a boyfriend much less a girlfriend!

If anyone has any suggestions or advice please let me know I would appreciate it greatly :)
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my parents dont really mind that im gay so it was easy for me, just do it, it wont madder if you wait theyll still react the same

Oh and, if you're worried about how your parents will react, maybe work on becoming closer to them? Just a casual, "hey, how are you?" when you get home from school? If they know you better, maybe they'll react better.

How I came out to my friends was I started by bringing up topics about stuff like gay marriage to see how they react. Only my friends that were fine with it I came out to. My dad and step mom know, I'm one of the few lucky ones with accepting parents. If your parents aren't accepting of it, it's best to wait until you're 18 so they don't try to force you into something that will "correct" you. My mom threatened to do that if I ever dated a girl. I've dated 3 now (currently am) but I only tell very few people so she won't find out

Its better if u tell someone can i b your.friend im in the.same situation with parents

Sure :)

I would tell your friends. My friends know I am bi and I came out my senior year of high school. You can do it and have people who will support you! :) Just come out whenever you feel ready. Good luck! If you need someone to talk to, you can always talk to me :)

Thanks :) I definitely will once the weekend is over ^^

Hey :3 So... hmm. I would say... wait until it becomes unbearable not to say something about it. Right now, it seems you're just starting to make peace with that realization for yourself. I'd say... give it a year or two until you're completely at peace with it. Once you find yourself comfortable with the idea of wanting a relationship, I'd say tell your parents. I'd just give yourself some time to decide that you're sure of yourself. Then you can tackle telling your parents. And they'll love you in the end, but it might take about a week of them feeling slightly awkward before they wrap their heads around it. But they'll come to.

Best of luck and if you ever want to talk/ask about it, go ahead ^.^

Thanks :) I think I'll do just that ^^ I'm pretty confident that being a lesbian is right for me I have had a few crushes already that kinda confirms the attraction. I really hope you're right about my parents they've been slow when it comes to understanding me so I hope they'll accept it the day i do come out :)

Hi! About that, If you should keep your secret to the rest of your life... I say, absolutely NO. But, you should tell it when ever you are ready. I came out to my mum about year ago, I was 17.. she is okey whit it. So, what I'm tryin' to say is, you should came out to those people, who you feel that they will love you, no matter what. If your parents are more idk conservative you should wait until you find some partner who will be beside you when you will came out.
You should be extra careful with you friends. Start conversation with: did you see that gay guy/ lesbian girl how they look? Anyway what do you think about them? Just imagine if THEY were your friends, what would you do? (and stuffs like that...)

And most common question: where to find you partner?: You can find it anywhere. And I mean it, anywhere. I like to go to gay bars, and I meet some ppl on internet who are from the same country as I am. (I'm from slovenia...)
So in that way, you can meet new ppl, and they will support you, more easily than your friends who are (like it or not) not gay. As i see you are young woman, so you can't go really to some bars cause' you are underage.. but wait year or two. No need to rush. Think about you, and don't you think about your lesbians sides to much.. Love comes, when it comes. Till' than, wait and be patient.

P.s. Sorry about my english, i know that it isn't very good.

I would give clues to your friends and show them your secret but not doing to fast. And telling your parents well that ones your choice because some christans are mean to the gay community and others dont care