A Heartwarming Day

I walk.. alot lately.. no mater what time, what weather, no matter if it hurts or not.
View locked on the ground, slow one step after another.. hard times to move for me..

So i walked, passed the church, passed my parents house.. dont look up.. keep walking..
the ground changes.. asphalt fades to dirt and stone.. a couple passes, saying nicely hello.. i ignore..

Step after step..

Im so focused on my steps i dont see that girl infront of me.. Hard i run into that girl, we both almost fell to ground..
"uhm uhm im sorry" i mumbled and was about to keep on walking

I hear a light voice which knocks into my head.. "Is that you? hey wait!"

I look back.. a girl.. as tall as me.. maybe bit shorter.. same age (19).. brown hair.. beautifull eyes and lips.. i recognise her.. a name spinns around in my head.. julia? no.. jennifer? no.. Jill.. yes Jill !

Jill.. i went to school with her when i was 15, she was a bit fat and always got bullied in school.. it went so far that she and her parents moved to a different town when she was 16. But she changed alot.. She looks perfect, slim but not skinny, just perfect.. Im stunned..

She looks at me with a grin.. "Whats up girl, what are you stareing at?" and looked behind herself like searching for something i could stare at.
"Jill is that you?" i ask her
"Yes of course who else" she laughed

She joined me walking, we talked about old times and what was going on..
So i found out that she moved back to our town couple weeks ago because she missed it around here. But she also had to go soon so we told each other our phone numbers and said we could do something another time.

Later this day

Jill.. somehow i dont get her out of my head.. her smile is burned in my head..

I dont trust myself to call her, because i dont want to disturb her.
Suddenly my phone rings.. i check it.. Jill is calling.. i dont know what to do.. my hands get shaky.. phone seems so heavy.. heart is racing.. The hell is going on with me..

"Hey Jill whats up" i say when i picked up trying to sound cool..
"hey there, i just wondered if you want to go for dinner later? i forgot to go for shopping and i dont want to go to restaurant alone." she said.. god her voice.
"Uhm i dont know jill.." i reply, totaly nervous..
"Ok if you dont want to you dont have to, but then i wont eat anything".. she tried hard to sound serious..
"ok ok i give up" i laughed

We fixed a time when we wanted to meet.

Same day evening

I sit in the restaurant.. i wear a red dress.. i didnt know what to wear.. i know, a dress is maybe too much, its something i would wear to a date but.. my feeling said i need this. it is kneelong so it covers the scars i got on upper thigh..

Nervouse i check the clock.. 7:02pm.. shes late.. maybe she wont come?

Then i see her, and i almost fell off my chair.. She wears a creamcolored skirt which ends a bit over the knees, and a shirt which fits perfect.. when she comes to my table it is like an aura is around her.. im speechless..

I stand up and slightly hug her for hello.. mhh she smells so good..
We sit down and order our dinner.. it taste awesome and we have a lot of fun.. i didnt laugh like this for a long time..

She turned out into a very nice woman.. shes same grown up but also a healthy portion of childness.. its just perfectly balanced.. i cant stop looking at her.. she looks gorgeous..

After a while i go to toilet.. i got weak knees.. lean against wall and close my eyes.. and see her.. i ask myself what this is.. did i fall for her? already? i mean i liked her back then already, always looked up to her how she stood against the bullying.. and yes i missed her when she moved.. but attraction? no..

I go back to the table.. she waits for me with a smile.. when i sit down she asks me if we should go somewhere else, maybe to her place, she got a nice whine and it would be more comfortable she said..
I agree, and we leave the restaurant.. she doesnt live far away.. thats the good thing if you live in a not too big town, you never have to go that far..

9:30 Her place

She lives in a cute little flat, nice furnishing which i enjoy a lot.. we sit down on her sofa and talk.. i realy enjoy talking to her.. my heart is just bumping.. faster and faster.. 

She asks me if i have a boyfriend.. i denie.. next she says is if i have a person in interest.. "i dont know honestly" i reply.. "close your eyes.. do you see anyone then" she asked..

I close my eyes.. i only hear my heartbeat.. yes there is a person.. Jill.. i still have my eyes closed.. must be long time already..

Suddenly i feel a hand on my knee.. i open my eyes.. "you alright" she asked.. i nod..

"I noticed you watched me the whole evening" she said.. a slight grin .. its so cute..
I feel myself blush.. "i i uhm.. maybe.. im sorry jill"

She comes closer.. "Do you feel something for me?"

My heart races.. it feels like it wants to jump out of my chest.. shes so close.. i could easily bend over.. she comes even closer.. her knees touch mine.. her face is like 10 cm away from mine.. my whole body is like electrified..

"Yes" i mumble.. i cant talk.. i cant breath.. i just see her.. she comes closer.. and closer.. her lips are so close they almost touch mine..
I cant stand it anymore.. I press my lips against hers.. she embraces me in her arms while we are kissing passionatly.. she feels so good.. her warm body pressing against mine..
I push her back on her back.. lay on her.. she presses me hard against herself..

We lay there kissing untill we fell asleep, and next morning i woke up in her arms.. it was the best morning i had since months.

I have no idea why i post this, maybe because i want to tell you girls out there that there always is hope for you to find someone who feels for you too. A close friend of mine once said, *there is a special person for everyone*

Dont give up your dreams

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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Great :) You gave in easily though :P
Either way Good luck, I hope you'll always be happy together

it was meant for humorous purposes never mind...

Beautiful story :)

wow, this is really good :D
Good luck to both of you ^_^

I agree your writing skills are amazing :) this was such a great story to read, very inspiring.