Kids And Relationships.....

Good evening....I am in a fantastic relationship w/a very awesome woman! I am very fortunate!! We have known each other for 6 years and have been together for 11 months now..
She is recently divorced not due to me but due to the fact she wanted to be free of him...he does see their kids every wkend ect. Her kids are 13 and 10 girls. The oldest one and I have always been able to get along very well. The youngest one is gaurded. I was just told by the oldest one that I needed to find a home of my own and leave. She says that she thinks I am cool and all and she does not hate me she just wants me to not live in "their home" meaning the home her mother and I just moved into w/them.... I did not respond...I was shocked to be honest....I am not sure what to do now....her mother and I have such an awesome relationship and include the kids in alot of things we do....I do not want to leave and I feel the oldest one has the ball in her court....suggestions,comments,pointers helpful!!! thanks
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Jan 13, 2013