Beautiful <3

so yeah, Im lesbian, and Im proud of it.
I think girls are better than boys in so many ways, I just cant imagine myself with a guy anymore.
I dont really have a story about how I found out my sexuality or something like that. I think Ive always like girls, Ive always appreciated girls unique beauty.
The one thing that makes me sad about girls is that seems that the most of them have such a low self esteem. This isnt right. Girl, look yourself in the mirror, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!
I never had much problem with my self esteem, not cuz I think Im gorgeous but cuz I dont see any good that a low self esteem could bring to me.
So this is a message to all the girls: You are beautiful!! And I mean it.
Well, I think this was it. If anyone wants to chat or something, feel free to send me a message :)
A girl into girls.
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18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013