Tonto Nga Gugma (crazy Love)

I hope i will not bore anyone with my story.. so lets start with Im a lesbian,, I think I have been a lesbian since I was in my mother's uterus?? Its not a news to my family that I am attracted to girls.. But we never talk about it.. I am openly gay to them and I know they accept and love me for what and who I am. so enough about my family and stuff..

During my high school I met my 1st love.. JEAN she was my best friend, my seatmate, my lab partner and my secret admirer? I never really noticed that she likes me? Not until one day she told me that shes already hurting because I'm with someone else,, I even asked JEAN to re-write my love letters (she has a really good penmanship), and she was my accomplice on making surprises for my girlfriend. I guess she was so full, that she bursted into tears and told me that I'm hurting her already.. really a bad timing to have a misunderstanding with her when tomorrow is the day our class is going on a 3 day retreat.. so we came to the place and it must have been faith that we share the same room. to avoid an awkward situation I just acted normal. we talked and I told her if I didn't have a girlfriend I would choose her. we became really close and I think I fell for her and so when its time for bed, we did't sleep yet., we talked and talked.. I held her close to me and I kissed her.. (nothing happened to us that night, NOT YET?), we spend our whole time there together happy and I was contented not realizing that its time to face the reality.. I have a girlfriend waiting for me to come to school. after that i was torn for the last few months because im with my girlfriend but I kept on thinking about her.. my GF noticed it eventually and I told her whats bothering me., so she let me choose between the two of them.. and I chose JEAN we lived happily for 3 and a half years but we broke up.. both our decisions to let each other go!
But guess what?One door closed  but a window opened i met the most important person in my life now, soon to be my wife, and I'm planning to marry her! if she says "YES" then were off to CANADA or the US.. Our love might not be accepted in my country and in this society, i will find a much better place for us to live in so that I can give her and my future family a happy and normal life..
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interesting story..:)

thanks :)

you're welcome bai..:)