What Am I??

For you to understand my story you need to know my background. I love boys, the way they feel, smell and kiss and everything else about them and I have a real reputation that is known to everyone with boys. I would easily hook up with a guy and never have I felt I’m missing out... that all change one night at a sleepover at my house, my best friend and I was lying in my bed talking and facing each other and suddenly we just stopped talking and lay there looking at one another than suddenly we started to kiss (it didn't stop at kissing and this was the best night of my life) she too had a reputation with guys and never even considered a relationship with a girl.

Because we were both at collage living in the same ress we agreed that it was a once off thing and it was just for the fun. In the weeks that passed we went crazy each night hooking up with a different guy (I still enjoyed it) and we tried to convince ourselves that it was nothing.

Now a year and a half later we are still in a committed relationship and I know that she is the love of my life, the love and trust we share are out of this world. She turns me on in every way possible and I love her so much!!

my only problem is I don't know what I am... like I’m still very attracted to men and I still find them very sexy and to be honest I NEVER look at other girls they aren’t sexy to me and the idea to kiss another girl freaks me out... my girlfriend is the only girl in the world I’m attracted to and I don’t know what it is about her that makes me so attracted to her
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Im going thru the same thang

Very interesting. Starmandoc1