Happy Being A Lesbian

Lesbian is not a thing that was invented today it was long before the our time but we today are makin history with so many person coming out with their same sex sexuality and now same sex can marry legally. Am proud of who i am. I have one life which i dont know when it will come to an end but i want to live my days on earth happy with my choices and with the one i love which will be a woman. I am not ashamed or disgrace by my sexuality or is burden by words from person who is against my lesbian life. Love is for every one and i am someone worthy of love. Lesbian is not a curse, it is not to be hidden or ashame of. You cant hate who you are or live your life to please others only to live in misery. Embrace it. When you decide to come out to the world then do so if you wish to be a secret lesbian thats your choice but embrace it in anyway you feel is best for you.
Jamaicanles Jamaicanles
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

you're jamaican? can we talk?