The Most Passionate Lesbian Kiss

I have always been a lesbian. I think women can give me pleasure in a way that no man could ever do it.
In my life Ive been with a lot of girls. i guess I like hitting on girls, and even like more turning straight girls into lesbians.
Dont get me wrong, I dont like playing with girls hearts or breaking them, all girls Ive ever been with I respected their limits and wants.
But not so long ago I just wasnt enjoying hitting on girls anymore. I guess its because Ive met this girl, Heather, that is so sexy and have so much confidence on her that i may be falling for her.
I met her in a party. I saw her across the room and didnt waste time to go hit on her. Somehow, when I got close to her, I was speechless and my heart was beating faster. She was so gorgeous that left me breathless.
That night we shared the most passionate kiss of my life, but it didnt go any further.
I never talked to her after that night, but I want to so bad I cant stop to fantasize about her.
I dont want to admit to myself that i might be falling for her cuz i dont want to get in a relationship with a girl anytime soon. My past relationships ended up so bad, i just dont want to get hurt anymore.
Even with all my sucking relationship history, should I try something else with her?
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Follow your heart!!

Go for it! I had a pretty awful relationship before but you just brush it of and try again. If you don't try then you will never no what could of happened. If it fails then at least you can say you tried.

Very interesting. Starmandoc1