'Gay'. They say it like it's worst thing in the World. You try to tell them and they say 'It's just a phase' 'it's teenage curiousity' 'They'll grow out of it' 'It's the hormones' 'When you have a family you'll look back and see how silly this is'. Yeah. I've heard it all. I'm sure most of us have, yeah?. They don't get it. We can accept it. But they can't. What's so wrong with it. Love is Love, isn't it? I guess that only goes for heterosexuals.

I wish people would at least try and understand. Or at least fake it. Instead of telling us we're wrong for being ourselves, telling us we're filthy, we're sinners, or my favourite 'We'll burn in hell'.

Someone please tell me what is so wrong about me loving people of the same sex? What effect will it have on the rest of the heterosexual world?

Am I destroying marriages? Am I killing children? No? Then what's the big deal?

I like the rest just want to be happy. Just want that one to be happy with.

I know I'm only young, but I know what I want. I didn't choose to be so different to you 'Normal' people. I just want to be accepted. Like any kid my age.

Someone just accept me. Please. Before I give up. Just tell me you accept me
SamIsGay SamIsGay
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

i'll accept you..:)