Big Problem

I m 17 years old! I had a relationship with a guy but i never felt something for him or the other boys!!! I like girls and for the first time in my life i can say it!! Although it s hard for me to say it to my friends because i know their reaction so i keep it only for myself there are many reasons why it s hard...! I like a girl a lot i can t stop starring at her i see her 2 days in week and i m pretty sure that she is straight. My problem is that i never had a relationship with a girl only with boy!! Please i need some help!!
Geor11A Geor11A
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Please feel free to email me on EP if you feel like talking seriously about this topic. I have been in this situation and may have some insight for you. Stephanie

You re right! Thanks for the help!