In Love With A Married Woman

I am a lesbian and our story started when I was 13 years old., I went on a KARATE DO class and I happen to like a group of girls older that me, but my rank in karate do is higher that them, so they pay respect to me as their SENSEI (master).

I met E she's one of the group whom i admire about but i have no guts to ask her out even for just a friendly date I am a bit shy back in those days so it never bloomed. my feelings for her kept and buried, (i think?) but when its time for me to go to high school i stopped my karate do classes and i focused on studying..

10 years passed, with courtesy of Facebook I found "E" but she's married and has 2 kids., then we had each other's contact number., we texted everyday and we see each other thrice a week., then she confessed she likes me, and it started 10 years ago during our karate days. its like my feelings for her was dug.

We dated even though i knew she's married. I love her so much that I didn't care at all.. she has 2 kids and I love them., she tells me she's tired of her life with her husband and wants to leave him. she even told me she'll leave the kids for me too but i don't want that coz I feel pity for the kids coz they're still young. and i don't want them to grow up without the guidance of their instead I'm the one who adjusted and even if it is not right we had an affair.. she doesn't want to have sex with her husband coz she doesn't want to cheat on me..
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I'm sorry you lost me the husband doesn't know anything and this is an affair you had some other women who cheated on her husband for you and now your worried of you being cheat on there is no logic in this at all. Honesty she don't seem like the most trustworthy in fact only someone who falls for the first person she see, is what it looks from a readers point of view. This women is very confused and is not sure what she wants at all on top of everything she is gonna end up hurting her kids badly for this affair. And also something to think about an question too here is " was there any problems in her marriage?" If so you could of been just a person she wanted to use as her sweet escape from problems that she just doesn't wanna deal with anymore. Hmm... guess my point here is, what stops her in the long run from doing the same to you?

yes she tells me there are some problem with their marriage.. esp with the in-laws.. and her husband treating her like a sex machine??? I'm not worried that she'll cheat on me or something.. i wanna get it right but if i leave her she threatens me to kill herself and i don't want that., she wants to tell her husband and parents and all about us so she can file separation and we can be together., but i am the one who is against it.. in our country and religion if we expose ourselves then its the end of our careers and her family is one of the prominent families in church and this church does not recognize persons with the 3rd sex..

Your gonna have to sit her down and explain things then before she does something foolish like coming out to everyone to expose the both you and could possible put you danger its really selfish and care less. When you have to think about the country, religion as you spoke of not only that but it could effect your job. I agree that if she's not happy then she should get out of the marriage but do it without exposing the two of you, this isn't just about her but you too. And the whole threat thing she gave you is to guilt you into staying.

yes thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts the burden in my heart is lesser now :)