I Met Her

i met her she was at a club
i went with my boyfriend he is amazing i have had sex with him sucked his d*** and love him until now
at the club i saw her clea we just connected she told me to call her
the next day i did i told her to come to my house i got ready painted my nails and everything
she came. we sat on the sofa for a bit the curtains were closed it was only me and her
i suddenly just started to remove her top she let me she did the same to me then the BRA
we went on the dining table she removed my pants and tongs and licked me everywhere i sucked her boobs she bit my virginia her nipples on mine her lips on mine we were on the dining table for a bit then we went in my bedroom she licked me i licked her
we went for a shower together moaning
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

That's a fantastic story

i met her today again but at her house and we did the same but even more intensely <3