She's All I Want

i need a distraction..
to help me get her off my mind

i've told her how i felt
and being rejected sucks
i feel like she ripped my heart out
she led me on
making me think she could actually like me

this is killing me
i could give her everything she wants
and everything she needs
i would treat her right
love her always
and hold her tight

she wont even give me a chance
she "likes" someone else
and now im left
broken hearted
why cant she be mine..


crazybladebabe crazybladebabe
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I've been there. "******* ain't **** but hoes and tricks." haha Not really, but listening to that song helped me out when the girl I was in a relationship with started dating a man without ending anything between us. There's nothing quite like being left for the socially accepted route. I felt like ****, worthless, and unwanted. I felt like being unwanted would never end because no one was willing to actually fight the social norm, tell their family the truth, and just let me make them happy. So, I started listening to "******* ain't **** but hoes and tricks" It's completely against everything I usually stand for, but in this case, she wasn't anything but tricks. This song can go one of two ways. It can either make you laugh your *** off, or get really angry at her. In my eyes, both of those outcomes are years better than being sad at someone else's hand.

thank you soo so so so much.
if you ever want to talk. message me (:

aww sweetie i know exactly what youre going through, its gonna be tough but youll get thru it i promise. Ive been in love with the same girl for 5 years and all shes done is lead me on and break my heart and im just now getting over her. if you wanna talk about it ive got an open mind and ill do my vest to help :) just stay strong!

she knows how i feel and keeps complaining about how no one loves her. its so frustrating. thanks so much! (:

believe me i know that feeling. I've tried going to hell and back for this girl and she says the same thing, its hard, but what you can do is show her that no matter what youre there for her.. We accept the love we think we deserve. all you can do is try to show her she deserves more. and its no problem just hang in there!

thanks! i hope this works..