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Maybe i should tell her the truth
that i can't stop thinking about her
she's always on my mind
day and night
i want her
so much
it hurts
i need her
i need to hold her close
tell her that i love her

i live for the moments i share with her
the conversations i have with her
she is everything i need

im going crazy
without her

i need help..
crazybladebabe crazybladebabe
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

You should tell her how you feel :)

she knows how i feel


she thinks i have a little crush, when really im in love with her

Does she not feel the same? Is she willing to try it with you?

she doesnt. she is very close minded about the subject

:c then she isnt right. Purhaps you can find another cute little thing. Im sorry. People who are close minded are upsetting.

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I'm in the same situation i know how you feel and i know how hard this is!! I can t stop thinking of her!! if you want to talk message me!


you should tell her how you feel. message me if u want to talk about this. good luck and i hope things work out the way u want them too.

it wont let me message you :P

u have to change your age on your profile. i understand how u feel.

okay, i will. and she knows how i feel and keeps leading me on..

ok i do want to talk to u about this but i want to talk through a message if that dont work i will give u my email

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