Coming Out A Second Time..

When I was Thirteen I came out to my dad, I told him I ad a crush on my best friend Reba, at first he didnt believe it, then he began to ramble about what his friends would think of him. He then beat me and locked me in my room for a few days (not sure how long) Since then I never told anyone Im gay. Ive since moved away and made a new life for myself. I decided it was time to come out, I came out to my stepmom/friend person in my life and it was really hard. I had dated guys in the past so that people would think I'm straight. She was completely fine with it. My friends next I came out to, some left me some stayed. Unfortunately one of the friends I came out to worked with me. She spread the rumor around work and it got worse from there. My coworkers would tell me I couldn't eat with them because they didn't want to catch any diseases from me. My manager suggested I have a three way with her and her bf. I was mortified. I talked to my head boss and he just made everyone sign a sexual harassment form (which I thought everyone was suppose to do before they got hired!) So I still work at the same job, no longer talking to some of my coworkers, but some have gotten over the fact that I'm gay and stuck by me. A lot of my friends think Im faking it because I dont look "like a lesbian" which doesnt make sense to me. I felt I had to share this story to get it off my chest and also see if anyone else went through this?
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Wow.... now I remember why I never date at work...

People are ignorant! I cannot believe your manager actually asked you that...honetly, you have a lawsuit against her/him for simply stating that, and a lawsuit against the head boss for not doing anything about it except ask people to sign a stupid form.
You are who you are, and if you are gay, then if other people can't accept it, that is THEIR own problems. Many people in the world will find any reason not to like someone or to judge someone. That is their own insecurities. I am not gay, so I cannot even imagine the pain and struggle you are going through. However, I also know that a person's sexual orientation does not matter to me. Either they are a good loyal caring person, or they aren't. I like a person based upon who they are as a human being. There are gay people who are jerks, and there are straight people who are jerks...
Embrace and be proud of who you are, and if others don't like it, that is THEIR problem.