A Little Memory

silence.. everywhere silence.. far away i hear some birds singing.. but else.. silence..

Im breathing hard.. adrenalin still raceing through my body.. the sun is burning down.. i feel myself sweat..

Im standing on a rock.. looking everywhere around.. stones and trees everywhere.. the freh air makes me feel high.. where is she?

Where is she.. i turn a couple times, but i cant find her.. my eyes locked on the forest.. i dont see her.. slow i let my eyes wander around.. where is she..

i think back.. we sat at the little river coming down from the mountain..
she sits on a little platform and is enjoying the sun.. i watch her.. she looks like a godess.. she throws a smile at me..
Slow i stand up.. move up to her and sit myself next to.. she looks so .. argh
i lay an arm around her shoulder and we let ourself fall.. we look up in sky.. she turns toward me.. her hand on my belly.. i look her in the eyes.. feel her lips on mine.. nothing can tear us appart.. (almost)

after some time we checked our route on our map.. she wanted to take a different way than me.. we discussed a little.. she smiled.. i asked her whats so funny.. "im sorry" she whispered.. i wondered "what?" she gave me fast kiss.. and took the map and started running, laughing.. i was confused first, but then ran after her.. but she was way too fast.. i lost her in the forest

Where is she.. Thats how i end up on this rock.. i start to get panic.. i scream her name.. scream that its not funny anymore.. then i hear a laugh.. her laugh.. it comes from north.. i follow the sound.. like an angels voice.. I call her name..

Im coming closer.. the trees fade out.. and there she is.. im freezing.. she lead me to a lake, which i didnt know or saw before.. the water is dark blue and the mountains reflect in it.. the rock she sits on is hanging over the water a little.. it looks so beautiful. the whole area is so peacefull.. and in middle... in the center.. is she

I move closer.. "youuuuu!"
She smiles back "meeeee!"

i climb up to her .. press her on the rock..
"youu" and kiss her full of passion..
she wrapped her hands around me.. our kiss last forever..
It feels like the world has stopped.. everything around us is freezing..
Her fingers play with my hair and i feel save..

I'll love you forever.. you've been taken from me, but you'll always have a place in my heart

*every love is worth a fight.. it doesnt matter if your gay/lesbian, bi, straight or whatever else exists.. love doesnt know any gender. Fight for your love like its the only thing worth living for. I've lost mine, not because i didnt fight, but i wish i would have been able to fight for her. Every happening is a test. Nothing happens without a reason, eventhought we may not see the why. But that doesnt mean it isnt there..

Love is like a butterly, if you grab it too harsh it will loose it wings and die, if you take it soft with both hands and take care of it, it will grown and become more beautifull than anything else on world.. but if you let it go, it may never return*

Yours.. Tinynshy

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3 Responses Jan 26, 2013

Lili, this is such a vivid and tender memory. Thank you for sharing it. xx

That is so sweet hun x

Wow that's cool and very romantic. I wish my first kiss could be like that but without her running away. I like the way you described things. And if you don't have loe in your life hope you get it soon in a very special way.