And I Love It

Before I knew I was gay, I would date boys and never quite understood why I didn't find them appealing. Then I began to realize that I was always watching the women in commercials, that I found girls more attractive than boys, and (excuse me for the inappropriateness) even when I watched a **** for the first time, I realized I was watching the girl and was much more interested in her. I still wasn't sure until I met the love of my life, a girl who lived down the street from me. We fell in love and I became happy, truly happy. I had never even known what it felt like to really love someone before her. Now we have been together for two and a half years and plan for many more. But there are certain things that I wish we didn't have to go through. I wish we could kiss in public without people whispering. But it's worth it to be with her, and one day I hope the world will change.
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Congrats on everything :) finding your one and only makes it all worth while

I have the similar experience. That is really inspiring.

be happy!

congratz babe ! when you found that person u loved, nothing else in this world matters..

To be more comfortable, you must live this love. And go somewhere where it is more common. That is what you need. A place and time.....Be happy. Be loved. Be loving.

Hi, beautiful story! (and sorry for rant below, but these people anger me!) xx

no problem, I love your rant:P

thank you!! lol

im happy for the both of you....advance hapPy ValEnTinES..

Thank you!!!<3

Love lesbians they turn me on alot

Long as ur.happy. **** what someone has to say

It,s there choice to be with whoever. Gay or not. I.dont got nothing to say bad about em thats cool thats there thing Fine. Just dont ask me for nothing n were good. Lol. I. Know couple gay ppl n they are cool Just they like. Same sex person whoopie lol

Do what makes you happy, Believe in your love, All the best for your relationship ;))) btw, you guys look awesome ^^

This is sick. I mean very sick...

Sorry you feel that way...hop off(:

What is sicker than a person who comes on EP, refuses to identify him/her self and deems itself fit to condemn lesbian love and a young woman who had an abortion!! Are you, phidims, another of the christian ayatollahs, ready with your fatwas against anything that doesnt match your twisted view of the world? How long you a member of EP now, and still no friends?

Your story made me remember my starter days of confirming am gay. Wel am glad your happy finally and you now realise what makes you happy. But if you feel like kissing in public do so ok pls dont let whisper or judgements stop you. Embrace your love. This generation needs to make a change towards lesbians and gay right so that the next generations will not have to go through all this. We have come this far even to legalise marriage for gays. So hey we have a right to show affection anywhere. So go ahead kiss her in public

Thanks!! I do and will continue to do so to prove to everyone that there is NOTHING wrong with us.

Good luck, do what you want to happy,,,,,

That day will come. :) Until then, kiss proudly! You'll make it come sooner by standing up for your love.

thank you!! you give me hope<3


you both are lovely together :)

well thank youu!!(:

I am a guy and am looking for someone like you. why don,t we give it a try maybe you will see it in a different way all together.