Yes, My Yoga Instructor

Earlier this year I decided to leave the town I have lived in for almost a decade because I finally discovered what I wanted to do with my life.  In order to continue along that path I need to be elsewhere. It hurts terribly to leave this beautiful place but I need to move on.  I know I can come back to visit. This was all very clear in my mind. 

More than a few months ago (sometime in 2007), I had been advised by a very wise friend to write down what I am looking for in a life partner. This would help to clarify what I was looking for and to let the universe know what I desired. I followed this advice; I wrote a detailed page of attributes, characteristics and beliefs. I even added, in half-jest, that she was to have a Scottish accent.

Now fast forward to June of this year; my plan to move in the fall felt good. I was invited by a friend to try out a Yoga class at the nearby Yoga Centre and because I was feeling so good about myself, I went. I tried it and liked it more than I thought possible. I discovered Yoga! The Yoga Instructor was very good; I could tell she really cared about the people in her classes. She has a Scottish accent. It took a few weeks, but I remembered what I had written way back when and became confused.

From what I know of her, she has a great deal in common with the page describing my life-partner. She is very kind, has a very caring heart, is so beautiful inside and out and when she chooses to gently tease me, I can't do much except babble a bit, back up and quickly leave the room.

It would have been so easy to leave had I not met her. I don't know what she feels for me, whether she is even interested.

What I do know is that I trust her so very much just because she is who she is. This is very interesting as I do not trust easily and never in the way I seem to trust her. It comes naturally. I do know she is so very beautiful and I would consider myself exceedingly blessed if she were my life-partner. I do know I will miss her very much when I do leave in the New Year (after I have saved up enough money to move.)

I do know she has four teenage children (she is divorced) and one of her sons looks like her. My world stopped for a moment as I took in his features. It makes me happy that they are in the world simply because they are a part of her.

I do know that if something is meant to happen, it will.


Yes, I'm in serious like, if not love, with my Yoga Instructor... I even wrote a poem:


There, upon your
Hangs diaphanous quiet.
(You carry it with tenderness;
A subtle mantle.)

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1 Response Sep 27, 2008

You are a great writer! It seems like things tend to happen when we least expect them. I agree that if it’s meant to be it will happen. By what you said it’s hard to tell if you are friends with her or not, but if you are not you can try to get to know her better. If nothing happens I am sorry that you will have to lose her in your life. I guess just feel blessed for getting to enjoy her for the time you have. If that’s all it becomes!