The Lesbian Challange of 14 Years

As I sit here I think of my past. My past that contained a husband for 23 years that was abusive. It ended in divorce. I had two children an they don't want nothing to do with me because of my lifestyle. They hate me and live in another state. I have been a lesbian for 14 years. When I was married I was forced to have sex with people I did not like. They were swingers. It was so stupid. And I figured why would a husband do this to his wife? If his family only knew and if my children only knew knew. Now I am married to wonderful woman for 10 years and together for 14 years. It has been a challange for sure. I married her in 1997. It is a give and take marriage. We seldom ever fight and she doen't and won't share me with any one. She knows all about my past life. I figured I would become lesbian after my boyfriend broke up with me. That was it, I had it with men. They are inconsiderate, manipulative, crazy, not comforting at all, could care less about your feelings. My list could go on. Anyway, my marriage now has had it'e moments. At least she comforts me. And understands me. I couldn't ask for a better spouse. She doesn't drink, she does smoke, but we all have bad habits. Stay tuned for tommorws story.

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Congratulations. As an older woman 50+ who is working on leaving an abusive and loveless marriage, your story gives me a lot of hope. Even if I'm not as fortunate as you are, I feel so encouraged that I will enter a world of kindness--a world of women.

I am so happy for you and your spouse!

People put far too much on gender. Everyone should be allowed to love who they love no matter what gender they are. We all want love and will get it where We can.