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I Love Her But....

....after all this time(we'll have been togather for 16yrs come this June) I just dont understand how we have managed to go from a very sexual couple to me wanting it more than her. I have litterally become more of a hypersexual, want it 24/7 type of person. Though here she is barely wanting to touch me anymore. I mean my gods, I don't know what to do anymore. Our relationship is suffering and it's killing me.
americanwoman americanwoman 41-45, F 5 Responses Jan 16, 2009

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My partner and I have the same problem, I understand where your coming from.

I meant the 2nd comment! Sorry! C:

I have also been on both sides of this. It is hard for two women to find a middle and my girlfriend actually spent quite a bit of time researching it. What she found it that it is quite normal for this to happen. She also found alot on what the first comment says. You should try looking some information on it up and see what you can find. I hope everything works out to make both of you as happy as you both can be.

I'm afraid I've been on both sides before. One time it was a matter of the amount of stress in my life and the pressure she put on me to be more inimate with her just got to be too much. I do know there are other reasons why this can happen such as medication, sex drive lowering at different stages of life and even for women needing visual stimulation too - any form of erotica, depression, and I'm sure theirs more. Have you thought of counseling? I wish you only the best my friend, I hope you can find happiness.

uh oh. isn't this what they call "lesbian bed death"? you've tried different stuff than you guys usually do lately?? there's some good books out there i've seen....i wish you good luck and i hope you two find a middle.