Sick and Left Alone


8 months ago I become very sick and the doctors couldn’t seem to figure out what was really wrong with me then a month in to it they discovered I had 2 very large fluid filled tumours growing inside of me.

I was terrified when I found out I needed to have surgery to remove then because they were becoming life threatening so of course the first person I ran to was my girlfriend of two years as you do.............

See I thought seen I had stood by her through her illness and when  she almost died, but when it was my turn to be weak, helpless and need someone to be strong for me, she wasn't there.

For the first few weeks she would tell me everything would be ok and that I didn’t have to worry it didn’t help but it felt nice that she cared but then she started pulling away, not answering the phone when I called not wanting to be around me, and then everything stopped dead from September to January I didn’t hear a word from her, I even sent her a message that I was going in to hospital and told her that there was a chance that I might die, but still there was nothing even while I was in hospital I didn’t get a call a visit or even a card or letter to say get well soon, during my darkest hour the woman I love my partner of two very long and bumpy years she didn’t just walk away she ran as fast as she could, a month after my surgery she finally contacts me saying I didn’t contact you or anyone else to see how you where because I thought you would be in rehab for a month I’m so sorry you know I still love you right and after that yet again I didn’t hear from her for another month and now she is back saying I got scared I didn’t want to have to see you die,  but now I’m here for you whenever you need me.

Well I’m sorry its a little to late for you to try and get back in to my life I stood by you for two year through everything the amount of times you where in hospital and they thought you might die I never left your side because no matter how scared I was I knew you where more, and I would rather be there with you to tell you I love you during your final days and hours then at home without you, I will never understand how she could have done that to me and I will never forgive you for leaving me alone during my darkest hours where my life was in danger NEVER EVER

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

May be,may not be.But it is your choice.

You’re very right that I found out the hard way and now she isn’t in my life anymore