I’m Still In Love With My Ex Girlfriend

I met one of my ex girlfriends when I was 18 and she was 15, you can’t really call it a relationship more of a month long fling, we were only together sexually once after that it was that I found out she was under the age of 16 so after that I got pissed off and went out and cheated I was a idiot I know I should have handles it different but you know young and stupid. But yes so we split up and 12 hours later I was with the woman that I had cheated on my girlfriend with I was also a ***** I can see that, but anyway we didn’t talk for about 6 months and during which time one of her friends had called me and told me some stuff about what she had done when we split up.

We got back in contact and started working on a friendship that was one of the hardest things that we did our past kept popping up so for a long time we laughed it off, (not the best thing we should have done) the more time we spent together, the more we got to know about each other and the more we realized that we had so much in common and we become the best of friends we ended up being able to talk about anything and everything it didn’t matter but there were two things that we never spoke about till now but should have a lot sooner, over the 7 years that we built a friendship we had developed a great love but never spoke of it to anyone not even each other and that was the problem, I don’t know what my ex girlfriends reasons where maybe fear that I would hurt her again and my reason was that I decided that my punishment for hurting her and not seeing what a great girl I had lost soon so I kept quiet and punished myself by standing by her through everything no matter how much it hurt me, because I could never make up for cheating her and hurt her, it wasn't till I got sick and they found out what was wrong and they said that there was a chance that I could die during the surgery and it was that fear that made us both come out and told each other how we felt, and things got said that we both hadn’t said to each other, and we both got scared that we would say these thing and then the other would run away, and then things got bad I was so sick I couldn’t see her and she was going through a lot of things that she wanted my help with, the day I had surgery I gave her a letter saying everything how I felt for her that I was sorry that I hurt her and if I ever got the chance to make it up to her I would never hurt her again, I was out of hospital for 2 weeks when she called me at 4 in the morning to say that she loved me and goodbye she was going over seas and she wasn't planning to come back and that would be the last time I would hear from her, and that was the last time I heard from her I hope she will write me a letter and come back, I love her so much and I have for about 5 years now and I miss her so much it hurt not only in my body and heart but deep in my soul, it took me 5 years to tell her and now there is a chance that she is gone and I’ve lost her again. Now I’m 24 and waiting to see if a great woman and a great love will return

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How do you end up having a sexual relationship with somebody who was 15 when you were 18?

Not saying it was wrong or anything just although a 3 year age gap is not much to somebody who is 15 would have thought 18 seemed very old considering all the things you were allowed to do legally and she was not.


You are a precious woman, I hope the woman of your life <br />
<br />
comes back to you!....Or at least gets in touch to let you <br />
<br />
know one way or another!....The very best of Luck to you!