Being gay is amazing and having someone being part of your life is yet more beautiful because in the eyes of those that do not accept what an individual's sexual orientation is, it only makes the bond and the community much stronger, I mean hey .. Anything can happen, life is unpredictable; be prepared for the unexpected. And as I always say, of you want to subjugate your enemy treat them well!
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A very mistaken and honest homophobe. How nice. Just what this community needs more.

Well said!

Yo folks okay with that decision?

What decision exactly are you referring too?

Well yo post says u are lesbian.... Is it not so?

Well, isn't it obvious?

Well.... That's what I was referring to...

But, I didn't quite get is your previous sentence "you folks ok with that decision?", whatever you meant just know sexuality isn't chosen it's something born with.

No, sexuality is behaviour! Otherwise, your parents would know that when you are born! That's why I asked!

Sexuality is NOT a behavior, it's not like one day I popped out of my mothers womb and said "well, going to be a lesbian", seriously, let's face it ... Perception is reality and no one would like to choose something or to be something they aren't. Everyone is different and I'm sure no one woke up unexpected this morning and said "I'm going to be gay".

Have you ever heard of a scientific term "sexual behavior"! .... Nothing can stop me or you other than self. I myself can start right now and practice homosexuality.... God forbid.... But I will not! It is incorrect to think you were born with that! No one is born a fraudstar! It is something that you can choose to do or not! By the way, you are a cutie!

Wow, you sure are brainwashed and ironically trying to persuade yourself that sexuality is a "sexual behavior". I disagree completely though it is your perspective on a subject such as different sexuality people have, anyway, a sexual behavior is taken action of when an individual expresses their sexuality whether he/she were lesbian, gay straight, bisexual, transgender etc. and I must say, gay or straight we all are distinguished no matter what we do, who we are, why we believe and the list goes on and on.

For example, I'm homosexual a lesbian and never have I ever fell attached to a man or attracted in any significant way therefore if I was "practicing sexual behavior" with the same-sex I wouldn't continue it and same with the opposite but here's the irritating part "it is something you choose to do or not", buddy you have a lot of learning to be taught as sustained to be comprehended without condescending by someone's sexual orientation.

As I mentioned before, no one can decide to be something they ARE NOT or be something they ARE NOT CONVINCED to be hun, so in other words I was born like this no doubt about it; I would've been with a man long ago buddy!

I think the world is wanting to inprison people who are practicing homosexuality into thinking that there is no way out! That is not correct! You are free to do whatever you want! It is a God given to be able to choose! No one should be stuck in a certain way! As I said before, whenever you choose, you can love a guy and make a great mom and a great wife! Only you can stop yourself and continue as is! I am not preaching though, nor am I telling you what to do!

Even the word 'straight', that you have used is telling you that all the other behaviors are a deviation as a opposed to it! Straight is synonymous with correct, not bent or curved, law-abiding, decent! You can look at the Websters thesaurus and dictionary! Some people become homosexuals because they were abused when they were younger, and probably never told anyone. they then develop a kinda hatred for men. Sometimes it's the behaviour of their fathers as they grew up..... And so on....

"In-prison people who are 'practicing' homosexuality into thinking there is no way out", ay yeah yeah... I won't even both but I'm an advocate and I state what I believe in and what I have in say. Basically, you're addressing to homosexuality and the world trying to convince there is a "way" out of turning the other way around; reason is because, the world is actually harming the LGBT community in ways so cussing them, hurting them, and saying unacceptable things with are not true, which by means if homosexuality is a sexual behavior then being straight "normal" as homophobics like to address it is a sexual behavior chosen to be.

About the websters, a lot is said, exaggerated, plagiarized and fallacious things are added and taken off so it is obvious many writers pronounce incorrect statements about anything they are against and they don't support just like with history books that contain so many lies in defense to the ones they support, as to how I may know? Because I ALWAYS do my search and I won't finish my task until I know what's between my bare hands is true; many are oblivious of what goes on so again they are in denial and don't want to segregate themselves to have belief in something they despise mostly for example homosexuality.
Mainly, rape/sexual assault/harassment/molestation etc. doesn't have to do with sexuality in fact it only causes mental illnesses and sexuality isn't a mental illness or a figment. What you mentioned is just nonsense to be quite frank and endeavor to brainwash the minds of innocents making them contemplate of what is not realistic. How pathetic!

You definately are an advocate! I can see your words are bigger for a mere man as me! I must admit, I would if you were my opponent in court! I would be able to concentrate and I might loose because of your looks!

I am without fear, no hatred for homosexuals but I do dislike the practice! If you had a kid, how would you react if you kid suddenly decides to be homosexual? Do you know what it means.... For you and your life....

Appearances can be deceiving buddy, so whether you'll lose a case or not it won't have to do with the looks of the opposite opponent but rather intelligence and their intellectual act into dealing with whatever is dealt with, am I not right?

I am profound to know you have no absolute hate against us people "homosexuals", but as straight people have sex we as well have intimate bond and again it is NOT a practice.

First of all, if I had a child of my own I'd be the happiest parent on the planet because I know of how a good mother I'd be, married to another woman calling her my wife also, children make the world a better places if raised on a good side behavior.
The answer to your previous question, yes I do know what it means; a) being gay isn't accepted by many and it'll always be that way so I don't have no problem with where I'll be led with my family and kids, I'll protect them as possible as I can and b) my reaction would be normal, for a fact I know my child must have been confused about his/her sexuality, identity, attractions and so on and finally came out as they found whom to be ... I'll be more than proud sir, but I'll never discriminate but support.

Well, a beautiful .... And intelligent woman is mesmerizing to a man! So you know your looks on their own may win you some battles!

But I see you are very smart with your words... :) you say, 'if u had a child of your own, u'd be the happiest...' Obviously that will never happen if you do keep on with your decision of remaining lesbian! So you will be willingly childless... Which there is nothing wrong with!

Personally, I think, raising a child with another woman as if she is a man or whichever between the two of you is acting a dad role, I wouldn't be sure... It will be confusing to the child as he/she grows up in that environment! This confusion will even be worse if you adopt a kid with no parents!

I think doing this thing is also saying to nature and creation that there was/ and is no need for the opposite sex just like your mom and dad, without which, you would not be existing! If you continue as you say, you won't produce that beautiful daughter that some young man would probably marry and have cute kids.....

You do realize, throughout our whole conversation you've been flirting, am I correct? I might get a mans attention unintentionally, but that doesn't mean I am asking for it since it is not on purpose and again, looks are deceiving, so basically appearances and the outlook of an individual isn't what's important, but thank you.

"Keeping my decision to me a lesbian"? Come on man, are you kidding me, so if it was my "decision" to become a lesbian then as well it was yours to be straight; wake to and smell the coffee hun ... Two women in connection together can do wonders. A child can be raised by whomever but the behavior and disciple go back to how the person(s): mother, father, uncle, grandpa etc. you get the picture?!

Besides, since I enjoy science let me scientifically explain how a child can be produced without having an intercourse with a man. I believe you've heard of egg fertilizing "where they take an egg from a woman inject it with a mans ***** without necessarily to be physical and returned back into the uterus.... As well the pipe where the doctors simply inject the speed directly into the uterus causing fertility and pregnancy to occur", -zygote >embryo>fetus>- etc... there are other methods to go by but those are the most recommended and population used by lesbians and non-lesbians so technically you're wrong, but any way I'm not planning on having a child of my own anytime soon.

I will continue to be as I am because that is who I truly am and how I was created, nature is amazing and god is great for making wonderful creation like the galaxy and it's planets, the people and so on ... In the other hand, I don't need a man, I don't need anyone currently because I'm not ready to be in a relationship once again until later; but as you know we can predict anything can happen.

I get you cutie! I get you! You know what my view is! I as a man, I do need a woman.... All man out there with a womb.... Are called woman... Even if I like to or fall in love with the idea that I am a woman.... Naturally, biologically and scientifically, I am a man and for me to have a little me, I need someone like you! As I said, I love nature and I appreciate scientific methods, but nature is number one! Scientific methods are for a reason not for choice!

I do not wish to have had two mothers living as a man and woman nor do I wish to two men raise me! Ola! Have fun and love God!

Your perspective and I respect it so else do you want me to do?
Haha, it's just the same thing over and over again but it's alright my friend I get it.

Enjoy your women, life and so on... Was nice talking to ya.

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this is good advice hahaha!