O.k so I'm 13 years old. It all started when I was in first grade my mom first told me about lesbians. I was really scared when she first told me. I liked to kiss my friends that would come over. Of course they were all girls I didnt want my mom to find out, but I never made the connection that they were the same sex as me. I even thought I got pregnant from kissing... (I was stupid... ) well anyways I told my best friend who I would always hang out with at school that I didn't like lesbians and they scared me. But I was scared that I was one. She comforted me and told me it was ok. She soon left school and I cried. There was a long gap before I ever thought I might be a lesbian again. In the sixth grade I was into yaoi (boy x boy couples) and I did think a little why I never thought boys were cute or hot. I did like how girls looked I even liked breasts but I was to ashamed to say so. In seventh grade I had a crush on a guy who was perfect .
Same interests same hobbies. He
had a girlfriend, and I was so
jealous. I waited for the whole
school year and finally I became
his girlfriend... For 3 days. I hated
it. I considered myself bisexual at
this point. I hated him all the
sudden. I wanted someone who
had more emotion and just... I
don't know! I was making excuses
so I shouldn't date him. I broke up
with him right away and I didn't
even feel bad. Then I found myself
admiring lots of gay people. I mean
they are smart and unique! Right?
I also started to think how gay
couples are more meaningful then
Staight ones one day it hit me like
a ton of bricks I might be a lesbian.
I found myself talking about it all
the time thinking about it googling
it. I also found girls to be waaayyy
more attractive. I dont like guys at
all. I'm a lesbian. I'm proud too. I'm still single but I hope to find a girlfriend one day. :)
kumi101 kumi101
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014