I only have to see someone for one second and I can already have the biggest crush on them.

Like last week I was on a holiday in a hotel and I saw this woman walking past by and couldn't keep my eyes off her. I started fantasizing about her since that moment and started following her around the hotel whenever I spotted her (stalker I know lmao). Now that I'm back home I still think about her. Even though ive never spoken to her or anything.

Do more people crush as hard and as fast as I do, or is it just me?
irisjuuu irisjuuu
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I got crush on women but there celebrity but I live in a Tourist.

I think it is very normal. To fantasize and crush over someone. Even healthy I think. I guess it's because women are very beautiful and alluring. I know a lot of my straight girl friends like to look at women and can even fantasize about them without being gay. So don't worry. It's very normal.